Oil Changes

Time for an oil change?

When it comes to keeping up with routine maintenance on your vehicle, having your oil changed is one of the most important and most inexpensive services. By getting a routine oil change at Auto Dynamik, you can save yourself from spending large amounts of money down the road. 

Engine oil is liks the blood in our bodies - It keeps the car running smoothly and also keeps components clean. As a lubricant, it prevents mechanical parts from rubbing against one another, providing a protective barrier to prevent wear. An oil filter will help with keeping the oil clean and preventing sludge from building up.

Over time as the oil and filter accumulate dirt and go through countless heat cycles and age, it becomes less effective.

At Auto Dynamik, we don't perform a simple oil & filter change - We also perform a quick once-over of your vehicle, and these services include:
  • Checking vehicle for any leaks
  • Inspecting engine bay and under body for any obvious signs of wear or damage
  • Checking suspension and brakes
  • Listening for any abnormal noises
  • Checking exterior and interior lighting
  • Adjusting tire pressures
Give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment for your next oil change, and we'll make sure you'll have better peace of mind of knowing more about your vehicle.
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