J.H. 1970 BMW Neue Klasse

J.H. 1970 BMW Neue Klasse 

The BMW Neue Klasse (New Class) was produced from 1962 to 1977 by BMW as a four door sport sedan. It was during the time BMW was facing their financial crisis that they created the New Class, saving the company from bankruptcy. Aside from the additional two doors that were added, it is very similar to the iconic BMW 2002 - Think of it as a four door 2002. It shares many components with the 2002 model, including the engine and transmission.

One of our long time San Francisco residents, Jim, brought one of his recently acquired 1970 New Classes with the two liter engine - The four door 2000. It was a driveable car, but it did need some sorting out. Though it did look a bit tired on the outside, we knew that the car was mechanically capable. The car came to us with a very lowered suspension and spongy brakes.

The intention was to make it a good driver’s car and show its potential at the biggest BMW gatherings outside Germany: The Legends of the Autobahn and the BMWCCA’s Oktoberfest, held earlier in 2016 in the Monterey Bay area.
Jim’s car, looking nice at the Legends of the Autobahn. August 2016.

Our customer is a fan of the New Classes, and he has an additional similar car which is featured in a Petrolicious video: The Grey Ghost. By working with the customer, we sorted out the car to achieve his goal. The car made it to the gatherings without any problems, and we were glad to see it there! We’re quite sure that the customer and the car was very happy as well.

We can’t be more proud to be able to help the customer to achieve his goal. Thanks, Jim, for trusting us on working with your car.
The 2000 at the corral parking at BMWCCA’s Oktoberfest 2016 in Monterey.
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