Classic Car Restoration 

Classic Car Repair in San Francisco, CA

One of the many classic cars that came into our shop was a 1967 Porsche 912, needing a fair amount of TLC. The customer wanted to drive his 912 around San Francisco leisurely but had difficulty doing so because the car had problems starting up and struggled to climb the steep slopes. After going through our hands, the car received a new carburetor and a tune-up, allowing it to run smoothly without backfiring. The transmission was also rebuilt so the customer would be able to shift the car without any problems.
Classic Car Repair San Francisco, CA

Our Classic Auto Repair Experts Made the Difference

After the mechanicals were sorted out, the customer wanted to repaint the car. We helped the paint shop by taking off all the trim and bumpers, carefully making sure that we could save & reuse any parts that we could. We then polished the chrome pieces, hoping that we could knock out any oxidation we could find. When the 912 came back from the paint shop, the old, tired blue paint had been swapped out for a fantastic-looking metallic brownish-red paint. The car received lots of labor and patience, and our passion helped bring this tired 912 closer to its original state: something fun and pleasurable to drive around the hills of San Francisco and wherever else the customer wants to enjoy this classic.
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