The Bay Area 02 Auto Club

The BMW 2002 model has been around since 1968, having gained popularity since its introduction in the US market. It's a very attractive and has a unique personality. Nowadays, it's becoming a popular and affordable collectors car although some model that could fetch up to $100,000 in a recent auction.

We have been servicing these models (2002, 2002Ti/Tii, 2000 Touring) since we opened our shop in 1987. Hami has been working on this model even before opening his shop as an enthusiast. More and more people are looking and want to own this iconic car. We have helped many of our customers with their dreams by looking and inspecting these cars, as well as which 2002s have potential to restore into show quality or own as a driver's car. Due to the high demand, many of the 2002s out there were restored poorly to turn a quick profit. We come into the scene as a shop and as advisers, to see whether these cars were appropriately restored before someone decides to purchase one. 
To show appreciation and to thank all of our customers with BMW 2002s, we decided to give back to the community. We've been involved and sponsoring the Bay Area 02 club for over 10 years. A local auto club of the Bay Area, it's quite active and hosts a large, yearly gathering down at the marina in Brisbane. The club has grown since then, and many of these pristine ‘02s and other vintage BMWs are owned by enthusiasts from all over the bay area. One thing in common is that these people love their BMWs. BMW recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary and had a huge gathering at Laguna Seca for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. It was a success, consisting of thousands of BMWs which resulted in the largest gathering ever outside Germany.

Hami, as an enthusiast, always has passion and love towards the BMW 2002 and other BMWs of the same vintage. He even created and designed some parts to help the owners of 2002 to keep their cars in good order. He designed unique parts to repair obsolete heater boxes and also offers the service to rebuild the entire heater box with his own parts. His write ups can be found at the 2002FAQ website and at PRDesignSF.
If you own an older BMW or other models such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, and even British cars, feel free to drop by to chat or ask for second opinions. We are very happy to answer any questions to best of our knowledge. Happy motoring, and cheers!

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